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It takes endless amounts of creativity and experimentation before chemistry builds and Majix (pronounced magic) is created! With the release of their hit single “Regular,” R&B/Hip-Hop duo Majix is breaking boundaries in the male-dominated world of hip-hop. Taylor Nirvana Jones and Mea Wilkerson exude the requisite hustle, independence and in-your-face confidence that comes from grinding in the New York City music scene.

"I'm not your regular...don't call me Reggie", lyrics from the chorus, demonstrate that these two young ladies are determined, resolute and represent the lineage of women that have come before them—from Salt N Pepa to TLC. Majix see themself as a female version of Migos meets Rae Sremmurd. They fill a spot in music that has been lacking, and they bring a great deal to the table as triple-threat performers. The single produced by MRose from VH1's reality series "SIGNED"  has received rave reviews from New York DJs and social media users. It has reached the acclaimed leaderboard of New York’s Hot 97 “Who’s Next.”




Natosh Renee

Natosh Renee is a Jamaican born Canandian based singer-songwriter from Toronto.  She is a popular social media influencer on instagram.

Audrey Givens

You've seen her on BET's Sunday's Best and you might remember her from the episode of "What's Happening?" with The Givens Kids, Audrey Givens is a formidable force and voice in R&B and Gospel.  Whether she's singing sacred or secular music, she brings its in both worlds.  "Fine Wine" is Audrey's throwback single dedicated to love and romance.

Nina Storey

Nina Storey, a provocative and dynamic Colorado-born, Los Angeles based musician, singer and songwriter, is thrilled to announce her new single “All On Me” will be made available May 22, 2020. Fans will be excited to learn that the upcoming single fuses EDM and pop, an exciting departure from Storey’s typical retro R&B style. The single boasts a rich, emotional undercurrent, kicking off with the lyrics: “10 PM, the day is just beginning…” And the sound itself begs you to dance along as Storey’s vocals lean into the joyful complexity of life. 

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